We want to see you fulfill the mission that God has laid upon your heart....

Full list of Topics on request.

Also a Book List and individual study schedule will be worked out for the individual applicant, once we have interviewed, either on the phone or in person.  We recommend that a personal interview is always better especially if you wish to gain an Ordination.

Phone for our current busy and changing Itinery. Thank you

Our aim is to help you find your ministry vocation or help you learn to be more effective in your future vision in God's service, or within the current ministry or work that you do now.  Perhaps you just wish to be a simple disciple and follower of Jesus, if so you have come to the right place.

Letters of reference and applications will be expected to be filled out on the day you attend.  We recommend you come for a day and experience the teaching and make up your mind if this is what you are seeking.